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Mother’s Day is one day you can make your mother feel special. This day honors motherhood and there can’t be a better way to celebrate it than spend time with your mother. If you’re confused about how to buy a gift for your mother during the lockdown, there’s a lot you can do at home to show your love and gift her something special and unique.

Here is a list of gift ideas you can try to surprise your mother during the lockdown.

1. Do the chores

hink about all the household tasks your mother does and try to do as much as you can. Give her a day of relaxation that she deserves!

2. Make a breakfast

You can start the day with a surprise breakfast in bed. All you need to do is get up before your parents and make a special breakfast at home. Think about her favourite meal and cook the same for her.

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3. Bake a cake

What’s a celebration without a cake? Try baking your own cake at home. If you’re not much of a baker, you can experiment with one-minute mug cakes to surprise her.

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4. Hang your favorite photos

You can use a string and clippers and hang some pictures which depict your favorite childhood memories with your mother. You can also use some fairy lights to decorate the room.

5. Plan a video call

No texting allowed! If you’re not home and away from your mother, then take out some time for a video call. Plan it out with your siblings and play some fun games online. This way you can have your own virtual party.

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6. Make a special video

You can also make a special video for your mother. You can record a message and that of your siblings.

7. Plan a movie night

Choose your mom’s favorite movie and download it for the special day. You can prepare some popcorn and snacks to enjoy your own movie night at home.

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8. Write a letter

Go the old-school way and make your mom feel special with a hand-written note. And, just don’t wish her Mother’s Day, make sure you thank her for all her love!

9. Download her favorite movies and music

Whether you’re staying with her or away, you can take out some time and download her favorite movies and music. If you’re home, you can gift her a pen drive with all her favorite movies and music that she can enjoy during the lock-down.

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10. Pamper her with salon experience at home

As all salons the are closed, you can spend some time with your mother. From giving her haircut to painting her nails, there’s a lot you can do to pamper her at home.

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