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Mars, the company responsible for some of our favorite candies and chocolate, has decided to cancel and shelf the M&M mascots. At least for the time being.

Mars recently redesigned M&M’s animated mascots, announcing in a statement last Thursday that they were creating “a world where everyone feels they belong, and society is inclusive.” However, the newly designed M&M’s have received criticism and backlash online, and now the company appears to be headed back to the drawing board.

This all follows Mars’ decision to campaign an all-female package for the 80-year-old candy brand. The limited-time offer was simply supposed to be a celebration for women, but not everyone sees it that way.

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Following an attack from conservative talking heads like FOX’s Tucker Carlson, Mars now claims that the ‘spokescandies’ are on an “indefinite pause”.


Carlson, who at one point about a year ago targeted the M&M mascots as being “woke”, went on another, full-segment tirade directed at the colorful animations, stating that the green M&M “is now a lesbian maybe”, and made reference to the purple one being “obese”.

This morning M&M’s released the following statement:

So let’s hear it, are you upset about the way Mars has handled the M&M mascots?

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