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You know him as Gaeman on Soul Plane and for his hilarious stand-up, Comedian Godfrey has managed to keep busy in the business while keeping it real. can’t help but fall under the power of Donnie Simpson’s green eyes.

“I’ve co-hosted if you all know Neil DeGrasse Tyson who is like taking science to the next level,” explained Godfrey. “So I’m co-hosting with him. I did his podcast. I co-hosted two episodes of his star talk on NatGeo and the next episode will be on January 28.”

Godfrey has also taken a trip into radio and it doesn’t look like he’s coming back because he likes it so much.

“SiriusXM I have my show the Power Hour channel 126 Urban View. You know, that’s Monday through Friday,” said Godfrey. “That’s eastern time 12 to 1 so you know. And you know with XM you get to be a little edgy.”

Radio seems to have a very special place in Godfrey’s heart after discovering the magic in it.

“The only time I really do radio is when I do comedy clubs in certain cities. And you get on the radio and people say, ‘hey you did pretty good on there blah blah blah,’ and I don’t realize the power of it,” expressed Godfrey. “I didn’t realize the power of it because as actors we always just want to get on a series. But then radio, you see so many people on radio and their audience is amazing. The reach is crazy and listeners are really attached to you, especially since they can’t see you.”

Don’t miss out on his radio show Power Hour on SiriusXM and his one-hour stand-up special GODFREY: Regular Black available on Showtime on demand.



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