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Today (November 8th) voters all across the country will head to the polls in one of the most important midterm elections in memory. The Democratic party will fight to keep the majority in both the house and senate in some very tough races. While Joe Biden and his administration have worked hard to make gains, including the Student Loan Debt Relief Act, Inflation Reduction Act, American Rescue Plan, and other achievements, the Republican party has downplayed these wins leading to the mid-term elections.

President Biden calls into the D.L. Hughley Show to speak on the advances in equity and opportunities for Black Americans and communities of color across the country. President Biden also speaks on Today’s Mid-term elections and their importance, not just through the next 2 years of the Biden Administration but for the future of our country.







Notable Quotes Below


Why President Biden believes “Democracy Is On The Ballot?”


President Biden: Well, what it means is that you have an awful lot of people that are trying to stop people from being able to vote, make an incredibly difficult to be able to vote. Cutting the number of polling places available, particularly…

D.L. Hughley: We know who those people are.

Pres. Biden: Oh, by the way, that’s what I’m talking about. And you talk about, you know, you have you have over 300 people, D.L. who are running for office on a Republican ticket who deny that we won the election, they deny that the last election was legitimate, number one. Number two, you have the same people arguing they’re not sure they’re going to accept the results unless they win. And, you know, and then you had that storm into the Capitol, and on January 6th, and they’re calling these guys patriots, and how the hell can you say we have you’re a Democrat with a small d, or you’re someone who really cares about the nation when you say the only elections that matter are the ones we win if we lost or was cheated, and secondly, that the guys and women who, who broke through those doors and two cops ended up dying, and that these guys are patriots, for God’s sakes.


Thoughts on crime in the country


President Biden: Guns, guns, guns, guns, guns, guns. That’s what’s really up is murder and injury from guns. Look, the idea, the idea that these Republicans are fighting them with and staying with the NRA and saying we should allow assault weapons on the street, the idea that you can sell and buy a cartridge that holds up to 100 rounds of bullets in it, the idea that you’re able to do this with impunity and be able to purchase it is just outrageous. It makes no sense at all. You may remember, when I passed the assault weapons ban in the 90s when I was a senator, violent crime had dropped and then mass shootings dropped precipitously. And and then, you know, the Republicans wouldn’t keep it. The other thing is, we have to spend a lot more time with youth and dealing with things that have to do with helping them through their circumstances. You know, for example, crime prevention programs and communities, there’s a lot of really good ones, crime actually comes down, you have to embrace and when you let when someone serves their time, in jail, they get out, they shouldn’t be further penalized, they should be able to get Pell grants to go to school. So you’re able to live in public housing, they should be able to have that take access to everything is out there.


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