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Police in Illinois are searching for a man after teachers at John J. Murphy Elementary School saw an 11-year-old girl pull up to the school with the man in the passenger seat.

According to ABC 7, teachers monitoring the drop off area noticed something odd on the morning of January 9.

“During the drop off, apparently several of the staff witnessed an 11-year-old girl behind the steering wheel of a car pull up and park in the circle,” said Round Lake Police Chief George Filenko.

The girl somehow pulled managed to park the car in a crowded parking lot without damaging anything.

“We don’t know how big she was,” Filenko said. “We’re not even quite sure how she reached the pedals.”

As teachers tried to figure out exactly what they were seeing, things reportedly got even stranger.

“And then a 9-year-old child that was in the back seat got out. There was an adult in the front seat that slid over and just pulled away,” said Filenko.

Now officers are looking for the adult, identified as 31-year-old Khafilu Oshodi. According to police he has a suspended driver’s license, and the car that the girl reportedly drove has been reported stolen.


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