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Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is passionate about teaching financial literacy to the Black community. Our children are included in that. She was a part of a group that fought to pass a bill for financial classes to be taught in middle schools. Now, they’re going back to fight to teach these things in elementary schools. Aliche believes teaching kids as young as 5 about money is important because that’s the age they start asking mom and dad to buy them things.

Aliche is also a Prudential partner and is a part of their “Legacy Lives On” documentary created to spark conversations about our relationships with money and the journey to financial wellness in the black community.  It shows “the complete picture of where we stand economically and why. But not from the perspective of “hopelessness.” It tells the story of three women in different cities and in different financial positions. Aliche calls it, “trans formative.”

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