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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York picks up with lames James R, who is still talking in third person btw, and Jaquae about to get fight. Security shuts that down immediately, but then DJ Self steps in and actually manages to squash their beef. In fact, Jaquae thanks James R. for “relieving him of his baggage” and the fact that he no longer has to buy her bags and all the expensive things she likes.

Then Mariahlynn rolls in and shows off her new breasts. James R thinks her breasts look nice gives her the compliment. However, Mariahlynn starts going off about how disloyal he is and points out that Sophia isn’t even at his little party. Then she storms out in typical melodramatic fashion by knocking over an ice sculpture.


Next. Rich calls a meeting with Anais, Navarro and Ashley to inform the latter two that they’re dating, and to try to iron out their business drama. It all goes left when Ashley starts going in on Rich Dollaz for seeing a married woman and generally being the King of Messy anyway. Rich is not here for it so he leaves. What’s really bothering Ashley is that she believes Navarro is cheating on her. She says he has been shady with his phone and consistently texting a specific woman and then deleting said messages. Navarro maintains that he’s not cheating. In his confessional he says that he’s actually planning a surprise spa day for her so he since she has been so stressed lately. Ashley, not knowing this, ends up storming out of their little meeting, but not before tossing water in his face. Later on, we find Navarro and Ashley arguing some more. Ashley thinks his shady behavior is proof that he has been cheating, Navarro is still denying this but not revealing his plan. Then when things get really tense, Ashely reveals that she’s pregnant. Navarro leaves, but wishes they were on better terms. It’s obvious that their professional and personal relationship is crumbling at the worst time.


Speaking of receipts, Jonathan confronts Trent again in a more controlled session (no ambushing this time), with actual proof of Trent’s infidelity (because he has been catfishing). Trent turns the tables with his own proof of Jonathan’s shady behavior. He pulls out Jonathan’s marriage license.


Jonathan goes off and demands to know where he found it. Trent says Jonathan is addicted to getting married and also says that he’s not even ready to really be serious anyway.

Long story short, Jonathan married his “best friend” two years ago. They realized it was a mistake, but Jonathan is in NYC, his “best friend” is in LA and it’s hard to get a divorce when you’re on separate coasts, so they’re separated but not divorced. In short, they’re not on the same page and finally call it quits before the episode is over.

Womp womp.

lames James R links up with Sophia Body and wants to know why she wasn’t at his single release party supporting him. She’s already over being treated like a trophy. James thinks she should be honored to be his queen.


She reveals that she didn’t show up because she wasn’t trying to have James having these expectations of her since she’s not even feeling him like that and feels like she made a mistake by kissing him and that she still has feelings for Jaquae. James R, being butthurt, then tells Sophia that Jaquae called her baggage. Then Sophia gets mad at James because she feels like he didn’t have her back in that situation, so she storms out, but not before throwing a glass at him–Love and Hip-Hop-style.


DJ Self is not happy with Mariahlynn’s grind. He tells her that she’s not hustling hard enough as a Gwinnin artist (he thinks Dreamdoll grinds harder), that her temper is too much and that she needs to stop beefing with people and work harder. On the flipside, Mariahlynn thinks no one works harder than her and that DJ Self is the one who has been slacking with her because he’s giving Dreamdoll more attention. The convo ends amicably for now. Later on, DJ Self asks Dreamdoll to give Mariahlynn a pep talk about working harder. Dreamdoll agrees “in the name of sisterhood and the Gwinnin team,” but that fake sentiment goes south when she finds out that her man, Safaree, plans to work with Mariahlynn.”


Now we’re at the part where Yandy and Remy pop up at Juju’s house because she has been MIA lately. The tea, that we already know by now (thanks to #TheBlogs), is that Juju and Cam’ron broke up. This was a 10-year relationship and she’s hurting. Yandy and Remy are supportive, offer her words of encouragement, and understand that she needs time to heal.



The episode concludes with Dreamdoll meeting up with Mariahlynn. This goes all the way south. Remember, Dreamdoll and Mariahlynn lowkey have beef because their friends (Bianca and Bri) are beefing, so they have a hostile exchange about that. Then Dreamdoll says DJ Self wanted her to talk to Mariahlynn because she’s going to flop then calls her a bum b—h who never gets booked. They start going in on each other until Dreamdoll crosses the line again by insulting Mariahlynn’s mother and that’s when Mariahlynn taps into her inner angry cassowary, runs across a picnic table and tries to pop off. However, security grabs them up before they throw hands, but this is far from over, especially after Mariahlynn threatens to take Safaree from Dreamdoll.


This is far from over, especially when Dreamdoll rolls up on Safaree breathing on chatting with Mariahlynn in next week’s episode.


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