By now we all know that Aerosmith has asked Donald Trump, several times, to stop playing their music at his rallies. Of course Trump, hasn’t listened. But now, Steven Tyler has served him with a cease-and-assist, so maybe that’ll work. The only Aerosmith Trump should here is Robert Muller telling him to ‘walk this way,'” after […]

Sherri, being the nice person that she is, decided to feed a homeless man who she saw outside of the grocery store. She got the man a bottle of water, an ice cream bar, and a bag of M&M’s. But when she walked out of the store he was gone & she was left with […]

In situations where a woman has children with more than one man, but only one man pays child support regularly, is it okay if she divides the money between all of her kids? The issue here is whether or not it’s fair for one child to be better taken care of than others. DL says […]

James Stone was a light-skinned Black man who escaped the clutches of slavery to become, by most accounts, the first African-American soldier to fight in the U.S. Civil War. Passing as a white man when he enlisted, the true nature of his race wasn’t discovered until after he died. Stone, who was born some time […]

The most affordable historically Black colleges and universities were ranked for a new study.

There is a congressman in New York who wants to make it illegal to call the police on innocent people. DL agrees with this move saying that it should be held to the same standard as yelling fire in a crowded theater. Especially since nowadays there is no way that you don’t know what you’re […]

In less than two weeks, Black Panther will be available on Netflix! Meaning, you’ll be able to take a trip to Wakanda whenever you feel like it! The Marvel movie’s arrival to the streaming platform was officially announced on the Twitter account, Strong Black Lead.” The arrival date is set for September 4: the Tuesday after […]

Rev. Al Sharpton is having a better morning than Donald Trump. Yesterday the entire Trump administration took a tough hit when is former campaign manager was found guilty and his former attorney implicated Trump as a co-conspirator. It is no longer a question, Donald Trump has been involved in crimes. Initially Trump’s people were saying that […]

The hilarious Arsenio Hall and Aretha Franklin went way back, “Aretha took me on tour with her when people thought Arsenio Hall was the place Aretha was singing in,” he said. Like many of us, he wasn’t a fan of the tribute that Madonna gave, and to make it worse, this is her second terrible tribute. “When Madonna […]

Donald Trump has been running around, like “catch me if you can,” but his game is almost over. His boys are in deep trouble, Manafort was found guilty, Cohen is cooperating and Trump’s “get away car” is slowing down. But, he’s trying to remain cool by doing what he does, running away to play golf. […]