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Comedian Arnez J is here to complain because, once again somebody owes him money! A woman named Pamela Andrews owes him 15 Grand!

He says he had known her for over 15 years and they were good friends, so he decided to loan her the money. But, four years later and he still hasn’t received his money. He urges that the best way to keep a friend is to never loan them money!

Next on his list of complaints is “people who complain!” Especially people that complain about their job as if they didn’t apply and interview for the job that they have. If you don’t like your job, “put your Nike’s on and get gone” he says.

Your job title should not affect your attitude! Mostly because, “you knew you weren’t be able to afford a Mercedes” working at Duncan donuts!

Arnez is in Dallas this weekend performing at the Arlington Improv.


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