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The Jussie Smollett story has taken so many twists and turns that it’s gotten pretty confusing.

Roland Martin talks to Kathy Chaney of the Chicago Suntimes to try to straighten it all out.

The last thing to come out was that “Jussie may talk with detectives today” to further “flush out whats going on.” Last week the story was that two Nigerian brothers were arrested in connection with the attack. Then there were reports that Jussie knew the brothers. The brothers were interviewed by law enforcement and then released. Police now want to talk to Jussie again.

It’s creating the “appearance” that Jussie did fake the attack. But, “we have not heard that from Cook County District Attorney,” says Martin. reports are saying “sources say” he is suspected of fabricating the attack but that has not been clearly stated by Chicago Police.

Both Chaney and Martin agree that the different reports and back and forth of the police have created a lot of confusion. Martin suggests that the media “shut up and wait” for a formal statement from Chicago police before reporting.


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