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On Friday 10 counts of sexual abuse were brought against R. Kelly and he’s currently still sitting in jail because he hasn’t made bail.

Roland Martin Talks to Kathy Chaney of the Chicago Sun Times who remembers exactly what she said when she heard the news, “oh Sugar honey iced tea.”

Kelly was “charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse” and faces 3-7 years per count.

Chaney says this trial is different from the one in 2008 because back then there was only one alleged victim and now there are 4. “They may not all be cooperative” she says, but at least it’s more than one.

This go round they also have actual physical evidence. There is a T-shirt belonging to one of the alleged victims with Kelly’s DNA on it and a new sex tape.

Chaney says, “it’s going to be a trial. R Kelly has no choice at this point.”


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