Roland Martin: Global White Terrorism Is Real


The recent terror attack in New Zealand left 50 people dead and the suspect literally shouted Trump out in his manifesto. But, Donald Trump denied the fact that he is a racist and denied that white supremacy was a large issue.

Roland Martin says by 2043 most people will be brown and what we’re seeing is “white folks globally being afraid of the future and what the demographics look like.” He talks to national security expert Malcolm Nance who points out that white supremacy groups like the John Burch society were ignored until Trump was elected. Now hate groups like them are mainstream.

Groups like the Burch society believe that “America has a uniquely white identity,” and fear anything that threatens it.

In 2018 more domestic terrorists (white folks) were arrested than foreign terrorists. As a matter of fact no Americans were killed in attacks by foreigners but hundred were killed by domestic terrorists.


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