Ali Siddiq Get’s His Very First Comedy Special


Comedian Ali Siddiq has a unique point of view with his comedy because it looks at the highs and lows of being in prison. Using his past prison time, Siddiq is able to share what it’s all like through humor.

Now he’s starring in his first ever one-hour special ALI SIDDIQ: IT’S BIGGER THAN THESE BARS which premieres February 23 on Comedy Central.

Siddiq had the chance to do many of his shows at prisons but getting in there to perform turned out to be a challenge.

“I started doing my stuff (comedy) in prison. Texas wouldn’t give me a prison so we settled on the roughest one we can find,” expressed Siddiq. They didn’t want him to say negative things about them. “Well I’m going to say prison and you’re going to tell me all the positive things that come into your mind,” joked Siddiq to the prisons.

However getting the chance to perform in the prison was an amazing time for him. “It was a really a moving experience. It’s men and women,” explained Siddiq.

“They’re locking up men, they’re locking up women, they’re locking up the kids. And they don’t want me to come. I’m the positive beacon that came out of the prison,” expressed Siddiq. “I went back to the same audience I started with.”

He’s very proud of his first comedy special and is thankful for Comedy Central.

“My special is almost like a docu movie. It’s like a movie. When people see it, it’s way deeper than me just doing stand-up,” expressed Siddiq. “Comedy Central came to me. They kind of dig what I do”



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