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Tonee Bell Is The First African American With His Own Brand Of Computers


We love it when our people excel, especially in areas they’ve never been in. Tonee Bell, the CEO of Unity System Incorporated is doing just that as he became the first African-American to have his own brand of computers in major retail.

“I started seeing that there was an open market for diversity in the area of technology and when I went and looked on the shelves and saw nothing that looks like me or being manufactured by me I started the company in 99,” explained Bell.

Bell also created earbuds and headsets using bone conduction as well as smart watches and heart rate bands to help monitor blood pressure.

“The bone conduction is a new technology actually where it plays your music, you answer your calls and everything, through your jaw bone,” explained Bell.

This new and interesting technology is taking retail by storm. If you want to see Bell’s products head over to his website here.

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