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For all of the fatal police shootings of people of color that are reported by mainstream media, many others go undocumented or are minimally covered.

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Oftentimes, more media attention plays a role in spurring law enforcement, investigators and district attorneys to move forward with arrests and charges. Stories can also raise awareness, spark social media conversations and motivate activists to organize protests. There have been a number of demonstrations where marchers issued demands in police shooting cases and relayed those demands to news outlets.

The exchanges of information and news can make a difference in keeping eyes on these deadly police shootings and how they are treated by the criminal justice system. If people are in the know, then they can better challenge the status quo. And for people of color, calling out injustices are crucial for survival.

Here are fatal police shootings of African Americans that have not garnered substantial press—or which have faded from the media, although there has been little progress.

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1. Chinedu Okobi

2. Darell Richards

3. Deandre Ballard

4. Diante Yarber

5. Botham Jean

6. Antwon Rose

7. Danny Ray Thomas

8. Markeis McGlockton

9. Jeremy McDole

10. O’Shae Terry

11. Jeffrey Dennis