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It’s no secret Superfoods have taken a supersized role in the marketing of trending, health-centered food products.  It’s not officially recognized by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but it is recognizable to increasingly health-minded consumers looking to supercharge their diets.

The term “superfoods” is used to recognize a group of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and flavorings that are believed to confer a variety of health benefits.

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Superfoods like kale, quinoa, and acai berry are still a hot commodity, as well as berries, almonds, and avocados, that still have perennial spots on the superfoods list.

I’m keeping my eye on the up and coming hot list of Superfoods. Outlined below are three “emerging superfoods”:

Elderberry — It’s said to contain antioxidants and can help relieve colds and the flu.

CBD — which has become buzzworthy in its own right. Available in oils, tinctures, vapor and edibles, the cannabis component is said to help ease pain, insomnia and anxiety. Though it’s not federally legal to incorporate CBD into food at this point, the FDA is in the process of reviewing its status because of pressure from manufacturers and state governments.

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Manuka Honey — as an upcoming superfood. Collected from the Manuka flower, its perceived benefits are wound healing, soothing a sore throat and improving digestion, among others.

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Other contenders include Reishi mushrooms, Ashwagandha herb and Microgreens. Other health reports, such as the Harvard School of Public Health also pointed to pea protein, seaweed and ginger as trending health foods.

Food for thought!