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The coronavirus pandemic has caused a great economical crisis, many workers have been laid-off or are not receiving pay during business closures.

Right now, thousands of recently unemployed citizens are worried about how long they’ll be able to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads during this uncertain time.

If that’s you or somebody you know, here’s what you need to know:

Home Owners:

Government-backed mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have said that they will suspend all foreclosure sales and evictions of borrowers in single-family homes owned by their companies. They have also expanded their forbearance program, offering more borrowers relief for up to one year and suspending late charges and penalties. Together they guarantee about half of the U.S. home market.

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Representative David Scott, of Georgia’s 13th District recently introduced the State Housing Relief Act. The bill would help provide mortgage payment assistance to homeowners impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the federal government suspended foreclosures and evictions for mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

If you’re worried about missing a mortgage payment, contact your lender immediately. Numerous banks have said they are willing to work with distressed borrowers, including potentially suspending or reducing mortgage payments for a stretch.

Bill Payments:

Past Due

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The same bill above, the State Housing Relief Act also helps homeowners in need of principal reduction and utility payment assistance. Congressman Scott hopes to have the bill included in a stimulus package.

Many metro Atlanta service providers are offering relief for those affected by the coronavirus outbreak. This comes in handy for locals because the coronavirus pandemic is keeping many inside their homes due to social distancing measures. Responding to the outbreak is also hitting people’s wallets, as well.

Unemployment Tips:

File A Claim. The Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides temporary income for workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

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Georgia officials are trying to figure out how to apply the new federal unemployment benefits to freelancers, gig workers and those in nonprofit organizations. Currently, gig workers and freelancers are not yet part of the state’s unemployment infrastructure.

The CARES Act, signed by President Donald Trump on Friday, includes additional payments of $600 a week for those who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The good news is the GA DOL owns its online filing system and won’t have to wait for any third-party vendor to accommodate new people.

Atlanta is also giving hazard pay to the city’s “front-line” employees. Under the new policy, issued by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, eligible employees will be paid an extra $500 a month, according to a press release from the city.

Other Job Resources During Covid: Try

Hope this tidbit of info. helps. We can get through this together.

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